Podcast 336 : MBP & Friends Hangout #1

MBP Friends Google+ Hangout on Air

21 May 2012 Podcast 336 : MBP & Friends Hangout #1

In this first MBP & Friends Live Hangout I was joined by Chris Blank, Frederick Van Johnson, Jack Andrys, Richard Annable and Thysje Arthur, and we discussed…

* What is Photography to you?
* Do Megapixels Matter?
* Is Chimping and Pixel Peeping Really Evil?
* The Zone! Do you believe in The Zone?

You can find today’s guests here:

Chris Blank:

Frederick Van Johnson:


Jack Andrys:

Richard Annable:

Thysje Arthur:

I hope you enjoy our chat!

– Martin Bailey

MBP Friends Google+ Hangout on Air

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