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Photography Adventures (Tours & Workshops)

Since 2008 Martin Bailey has run and lead tours and workshops all around the world, starting in Japan, with the highly popular Winter Wonderland tours, on which we photograph the incredibly cute snow monkeys, then after flying to Hokkaido, the north island of Japan, we go on to photograph the majestic Red-Crowned Cranes, Whooper Swans, Steller’s Sea Eagle and White Tailed Eagle, as well as the beautiful winter landscapes.

Our adventures have also taken us to Antarctica, Africa, the USA, Canada and the UK and Iceland, and the list is growing each year. Our tours are culturally rich, and often involve some classroom style workshop elements, as well as in-field tuition provided throughout. They are an excellent chance to see and photograph some of the most spectacular locations on the planet, while improving your photography at the same time.

Links to upcoming tours and workshops are always posted to this page, and you can use the below button to subscribe to our Tours and Workshops Newsletter, and receive information on anything new before it is released to the general public. We also post cancellation availability via the newsletter, so if there’s something you are interested in that has already sold out, it’s still worth signing up.

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Snow Monkeys and Hokkaido Winter Wonderland Tour/Workshop

Hokkaido Winter Landscape Photography Adventure

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