Assignment #18 – Agriculture (Podcast 163)

Assignment #18 – Agriculture (Podcast 163)

Today [Nov 17, 2008] we look at the winners of Assignment #17 on Agriculture, and kick off the next Assignment on Portraits.

This is another ad-lib episode, so please do listen to the audio if you want to hear me talk a little bit more about the images.

Joint Second Place – Helen Hooker from England.

After the harvest © Helen Hooker, England

After the harvest © Helen Hooker, England

Joint Second Place – Paul Grinzi from Australia:

Golden crop © Paul Grinzi from Australia

Golden crop © Paul Grinzi from Australia

And, the winning image, in first place is Leslie Granda-Hill, AKA Super Digital Girl:

 Cranberry Harvest © Super Digital Girl, Leslie Granda-Hill

Cranberry Harvest © Super Digital Girl, Leslie Granda-Hill

The next assignment will be on Portraits.

Show Notes

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Michael Rammell

Posted on behalf of Martin by Michael Rammell, a Wedding Photographer based in Berkshire, England. Michael also has a long-standing passion for Nature & Landscape photography. To catch up with Michael, visit his Web site, and follow him on the following social networking services.

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