A Visit with Outdoor Photo Gear (Podcast 351)

Chris & Martin at Outdoor Photo Gear

A Visit with Outdoor Photo Gear (Podcast 351)

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my friend Chris Klapheke at Outdoor Photo Gear, in Louisville, Kentucky. After a few hours catching up, we decided to do a quick video to show you some of the gear that I use from OPG.

I display a number of shortlinks for the products we look at as the video progresses, but I’ll list them all after the video too.

Chris also gave us an incredibly generous 10% discount by using the code MBP10 until Sept 2012, so if any of this stuff, or anything else from Outdoor Photo Gear’s line up appeals to you, now is the time to pick it up!

Don’t forget to select the HD version under the cog-wheel in the video settings and go full screen, to enjoy the video to the fullest.

Product Links:

Sirui PH-20 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head: http://mbp.ac/cfgh

Wimberley Gimbal Head: http://mbp.ac/wgh

Custom Brackets CB Gimbal Tripod Head: http://mbp.ac/opgcbgh

Neos Adventurer All Season Overshoes: http://mbp.ac/noa

Aquatech Sensory Gloves: http://mbp.ac/opgasg

Guragear Kiboko 30L Bag: http://mbp.ac/opgkib

Guragear Kiboko 22L+: http://mbp.ac/kib22

Rick Sammon On-Location Lighting Kit: http://mbp.ac/rsollk

Custom SLR C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution: http://mbp.ac/cloop

Gepe Cardsafe Extreme: http://mbp.ac/cse

And to finish, here’s a quick photo of me and Chris having a bit of fun at Outdoor Photo Gear!

Chris & Martin at Outdoor Photo Gear

Chris & Martin at Outdoor Photo Gear


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