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MBP and Friends Hangout on Air

Sharing Our Passion – A Conversation with Valerie Jardin (Podcast 407)

This week’s Podcast is a conversation with my friend Valerie Jardin, recorded a few weeks ago via a Google Hangout on Air. You can follow along with the video over on YouTube, but as it was basically just a conversation, I’ve removed the video and released this an audio Podcast.

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In this conversation, we discuss sharing our passion for photography via our teaching, on workshops, tours and our writing too.

Valerie is sharing more of this kind of chat over on her Q&A Blog, so do check that out here: http://valeriejardinphotography.com/blog/

MBP and Friends Hangout on Air

Show Notes

Valerie’s Q&A Blog: http://valeriejardinphotography.com/blog/

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