A Conversation with Fine Art Photographer Michael Miner (Podcast 408)

Primordial Boulder © Michael Miner

A Conversation with Fine Art Photographer Michael Miner (Podcast 408)

This week I’m honored and incredibly excited to be joined by Michael Miner, a Los Angeles based fine art photographer perhaps better known by some as the co-writer of the screenplay for the 1987 hit movie RoboCop and its sequels.

Here are some of the questions posed to Michael, and you can here his insightful and fascinating answers in the audio…

Use this audio player to listen:

We all know you for the RoboCop series of movies, but how long has still photography been an important part of your life?

You’ve lead a very creative life, including writing screenplays and cinematography, as well as producing and directing movies. Are there any parallels that can be drawn between these creative pursuits and your fine art photography?

Are you personally printing the images for your exhibition or is that all handled by the G2 Gallery?

Photography is often a solo pursuit, but you co-wrote the screenplay for the RoboCop series with Edward Neumeier. How did you find collaborating with another creative on a writing project, and do you think this experience helped your photography in any way?

I understand you’ve just opened an exhibition of your work called Nature LA at The G2 Gallery in Los Angeles where you live. How did that come about?

Can you offer any advice to other photographers that would like to find similar gallery representation?

What camera gear do you take with you on a typical shoot?

You have been chosen by the National Park Service as their Artist in Residence for 2014, and will spend a month photographing The Grand Canyon among other locations. What sort of things are you bearing in mind as you prepare for these very special assignments?

You’ve sent me five beautiful photographs to discuss, let’s look at each of them…

Primordial Boulder © Michael Miner

Primordial Boulder © Michael Miner

Chaos Theory, Part 5 © Michael Miner

Chaos Theory, Part 5 © Michael Miner

Overcoming Physical Death, Part 2 © Michael Miner

Overcoming Physical Death, Part 2 © Michael Miner

Gryphon Metamorphosis © Michael Miner

Gryphon Metamorphosis © Michael Miner

Gateless Gate, Part 1 © Michael Miner

Gateless Gate, Part 1 © Michael Miner


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Show Notes

Michael’s Web site: http://michaelminerphotography.com/

The G2 Gallery: http://www.theg2gallery.com [Removed broken link]

Photography West Gallery: http://www.photographywest.com/pages/MichaelMiner-OriginalPhotographs.html

The Art Instinct on Amazon: http://mbp.ac/artinstinct

View Michael’s movie related achievements: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0591160/

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