Fine Art Folio & Print Testimonials

What people are saying about my Fine Art Prints and Folios

Here are some kind words I’ve received over the years about my Fine Art Prints and Folios

Fine Art Folio Testimonials (visit Fine Art Folios web site)

Flowerscapes” is gorgeous. I think your choice of the Hahnemuhle paper for this folio is as perfect as the choice of the Harman paper for “Colours of Japan”. The sense of depth the Hahnemuhle paper imparts to these images is wonderful. Your taste is impeccable. Maybe it’s the secret behind your photographic excellence. Of course, there’s more to it than that, but I suspect it makes an important contribution.

Regards, Morton
Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA)

What a great purchase your Folios are, everyone wants to touch and feel the prints and I get all nervous about handing them around, and I am torn between being boastful and selfish when it comes to showing them to others.  Great work Martin and so nice to be in possession of prints previously admired only on the web.

Best regards
Jack Andrys (Perth, Australia)

For the last few days I been humming “Someday my prints will come.” Well, this morning there was a knock on my door — actually more like a pounding — and a postman presented me with a box containing a  copy of the MBP folio “The Colours of Japan” (#2). The folio arrived in fine shape — even the outer box was pristine.

The prints in the set meet all my expectations, which were very high. And as much as I admire each print individually, I must say the adage “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” really applies here. The range of colors over the 12 prints is simply amazing. I am very happy with my purchase.

I also want to tell you that I think your choice of the Harman GLOSS FB Al paper is perfect. I was very glad to find it is a soft gloss rather than the full gloss I had anticipated. I also agree that your choice of 8.5 x 11 for the print size is just right for viewing prints held in the hand.

Regards, Morton
Ann Arbor (Michigan, USA)

Individual Print Testimonials

Earlier tonight I received a fine art print of Martin’s in the mail that I purchased. What a beautiful piece of art to hold and enjoy! The quality is second to none. I can even see specs of pollen on the white eye bird’s forehead. Martin’s stamp and signature top if off exquisitely. It looks SO sharp framed in black with a white matte.

Martin, you are a consummate artist and photographer! I am thrilled to show your work off in my home, and highly recommend it others as well.

Eric Vogt (USA)

They arrived promptly and i have to say the quality of those prints and the paper they were on was absolutely superb!

Calvin (Brisbane, Australia)

The print was in the mail today. My mother almost killed the postman because he tried to cram the roll into our letterbox, but fortunately it was sturdy enough and came out without any damage. What a great picture, I love it and can’t wait to move to my new apartment in Lausanne and find a space on the wall for it. Thanks so much.

Adrian Hoppe (Trier, Germany)

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Photographer's Friend iPadPro and iPhoneA Depth of Field calculator and a Neutral Density calculator in one app for just $3.99!

The new Pixel Peeper mode and Diffraction warning color coding take Photographer’s Friend to a whole new level of detail. If you don’t have a timer in your camera or cable release, the ND calculator has one built in, and notifications can be enabled to alert you when your exposure should be ended, even if you’ve closed the app!

There is detailed help and links to relevant information right there in the app. Photographer’s Friend runs on any sized screen iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and works perfectly in the iPad Split Screen mode, making it an invaluable tool for studying or writing about photography on your iPad. It truly is a Photographer’s Friend!

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Martin Bailey Fine Art PrintsFine Art Prints and Digital Downloads

Most of the images you can see in Martin’s portfolios are available to purchase as original Fine Art Prints, desktop wallpaper, and you can license them for commercial or editorial use then download your purchases as soon as payment is complete. Just click on the shopping cart icon in the bottom left of the image browser when viewing portfolio images. For more information on how we finish and ship our original prints, see our Fine Art Prints Information page.

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