How to View Enhanced Podcast Images in iTunes

There are multiple ways to view the images that Martin discusses in the Podcast, so we’ve created this page to help you find the best way that suits your listening and viewing style.

Viewing on the Web Site

Martin usually mentions the episode short-link in the audio, but all episodes can be reached by adding the episode number to For example, the short-link for episode 547 is This will take you to the blog post for the episode, and all images discussed are embedded. To view the images at the highest resolution, click on the image, and place your mouse over the image to stop it from auto-advancing if necessary.

Viewing on an iPhone or iPad

Apple invented the Enhanced Podcast format, but unfortunately they have neglected to fix an issue with the iOS Podcasts app, so the chapter images being discussed are always one behind. The image for chapter one is displayed while Martin talks about the image in chapter two.

Because of this, the best way to view the images in our Enhanced Podcast is to use an iPhone and iPad app called Downcast. Downcast supports all kinds of podcasts, including video, so you can enjoy every type of episode we release.


If you are going to view on a computer, and you use iTunes, follow the instructions below.

  • First subscribe to the Enhanced Podcast in iTunes. Go to and click the View in iTunes button below the show icon. Then, in iTunes click the Subscribe button below the show icon.
  • Select Podcasts from the pulldown in your iTunes Library view (see 1 below) or select the View menu, then Media Kind > Podcasts
  • Once you are in your iTunes Podcast section, you should see the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast (Enhanced) in your Podcasts list (see 2 below).
  • To view the images, download the podcast to your computer by clicking the Cloud button (see 3 below) to the right of the podcast episode.
  • When the podcast starts, hold down the COMMAND button on your keyboard, and click the icon to the left of the player status window (see 4 below).
  • You should now see a large chapter viewer window, initially with the default podcast artwork visible. As the podcast progresses, if Martin is talking about specific images, the images will appear in this chapter viewer.
  • To navigate between chapters, click the icon at the bottom right of the chapter viewer (see 5 below).
  • Please don’t confuse the MiniPlayer with the chapter viewer. If you just click the icon marked as 4 below, the MiniPlayer will open, but it cannot be enlarged enough to view the images in full detail.
Viewing Enhanced Podcast Images in iTunes

Viewing Enhanced Podcast Images in iTunes

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