How to View Enhanced Podcasts in iTunes

From iTunes 11 Apple introduced a new Mini Player that is opened when you double click the album artwork, and this has caused a lot of confusion for people expecting to see the images in my Enhanced Podcast. I also thought it was a bug for a while, but it seems this is how it’s going to be from now on, so I put this page together to help you to fully appreciate the Podcast. Here’s what you need to do.

1. First ensure you are subscribed to the Podcast. If it says “Unsubscribe” as in the below screen shot, skip this step. Otherwise, go to¬†and subscribe in iTunes.

2. Although you can now listen to Podcasts without downloading them, to see the chapters, you have to hit the download button.

3. While holding the COMMAND key on a Mac, or CTRL key on Windows, click the album art marked with a 3 below.

4. This will open a large viewer that will display the images in the Enhanced Podcast. This can be expanded as large as you want.

5. Click the Chapters button in the bottom right of the Enhanced Podcast viewer, or Chapters in the menu bar, to jump between chapters.

6. If you just double click 3 below, or switch to the Mini Player in iTunes, all you’ll see if the Mini Player marked with a 6 below. This does NOT display any chapter images, and has caused the most confusion regarding this in recent months.


Viewing Chapters in Enhanced Podcasts

Viewing Chapters in Enhanced Podcasts


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