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What people are saying about the Podcast

I want to thank you so much for all I’ve learned from your podcast.  Two years ago I hadn’t taken my camera off of the “green” mode, and now a couple of weeks ago I won 1st overall in a local nature and wildlife photo contest with the below linked image (that included a handsome reward!).  Your podcast has been the single greatest source of my photographic learning and inspiration!  Thanks so much Martin, and keep it up!

Eric Vogt (USA)

Martin Bailey produces the best photography podcast in the web, period! I have been following his podcast for over two years and am always impressed with the consistency and depth of detail he provides on each episode. He excels by presenting detailed notes about his photography work and going over information regarding his brilliant style. From time to time, he also introduces other relevant aspects of the photography workflow, such as calibrating screens and printers, printing and laminating fine art pictures, signing artwork. These components make his podcast unique and inimitable. Thanks to his podcast, I was not only able to improve my photography and but also start printing my own fine art work. Great Podcast.

Rodrigo Caetano (Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil)

I’m just beginning to explore the wonders of photography. I was lucky enough to find your podcasts for over a year ago, and I’ve also scrubbed the archives and your forum.


I just wanted to to a moment to say thanks for your generous sharing of information and skill. I’ve been able to integrate much of what you’ve taught and can see your influence in my own images. I’m a great fan of your work, and mine is improving. 😉

Congratulations on dedicating yourself full time to your art. We’ll all be better for it!

Thank you again.

Juli Gumbiner (Boulder Creek, California, USA)

I recently have gotten into photography and have been listening to your podcasts as well as others and must say that yours is in my opinion the best. I have downloaded all of the podcasts and am listening to them all. I wanted to thank you for all the time you must spend putting the well thought out and executed podcasts together. Excellent content and delivery. I have learned a great deal. I especially enjoy your galleries. Wonderful photographs. Keep up the great work.


Thanks again.

Allen Baxter (San Antonio, TX, USA)

Happened onto your website after I received an IPOD to use a entertainment for my daily train commute. I want to thank you for all the good information you post to your site for my use. I have subscribed to your podcast through ITUNES and look forward to each new addition. I have utilised some of your tips in some of my photos. My daughter is enrolled at a fine arts college for a degree in photography, while I can not get my daughter to subscribe to your podcast, I have been able to impart some of your wisdom to her in a subtle “try it yourself” sort of way.


Thanks again,

Dennis (Illinois, USA)

You’re website and podcast have been amazing for me. After I picked up photography again I searched the web for podcasts and came across yours. I listen to a few others and find them helpful, but your stuff goes way beyond that. In short, let me just say you are making a huge difference in my life and I appreciate it. I posted the following on the 365Project website when someone asked “How do I bokeh?”


“Oh, Carly, what you have wrought bringing up “bokeh.” Before I got into photography if someone had asked me how to bokeh I would have thought they were asking me about something like the chicken dance!!! (the three !!! were placed here as a way of expressing effusive joy and good humor). Anyway, the following link will give you more information about bokeh than you would ever want to know, but it’s only 5 minutes and it’s really funny. By the way, Martin Bailey does an excellent weekly podcast and I would highly recommend listening. He is very listenable and actually talks about photographs. He is British, lives in Tokyo, is definitely a bokeh meister when it comes to photography, and is fluent in Japanese–so he knows his bokeh!!! Enjoy Episode #181 : Bokeh! Pronunciation, Meaning and Practical Use”

Once again–thanks for what you do.

Bill Johnson (Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA)

I started listening to your podcasts over the last few months and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy them. I am now in the process of checking out all of your past podcasts. I feel that you bring a refreshing approach that is different from other podcasts I’ve listened to. You spend the time needed to explain things rather than rush to get onto the next topic. I also enjoy your webpage and your photography speaks for itself. Keep up the great work.


David Starke (PA, USA)

Just a quick note to say thank you and keep up the great work. I have been shooting for less than a year and a half and must say the podcast provides me information and your photography an inspiration. Each show gets played many times as I try to absorb all I can. While I have yet to enter any contests, I use them as challenges and inspiration to try new and exciting aspects of photography. So again, thank you and keep up the great work–both with photography and podcasts.


Chip (Nevada, USA)

I’m really enjoying listening to your podcasts. It’s like being out on a shoot with a friend who’s there to give you that practical helpful tip that comes from experience and knowledge. Really invaluable. Keep it up!


Sergio Amiti (London, UK)

I couldn’t stop myself from writing to you and wanted to thank you for ale the fantastic things you do, for the great podcast, for sharing your experience. This is really amazing. I found your site few months ago looking for ‘photography podcast’ in google. I listened to the first episode and then … downloaded 5GB of 206 available episodes at once! I registered in the forum and read some posts. Atmosphere there is fantastic as well. I’ve been listening to the podcast on my mp3 player in the bus on my way to university everyday and then looking at the images on pc in the evening. I started with photography about two years ago. I was amazed at your images, and found tips in the podcast so useful. It helped me a lot! From now on I’ll try to participate in the forum and pass the information about


Martin Syska (Kielce, Poland)

Excellent podcast, very well presented, clear and to the point. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist, always trying to source good information in order to improve my skills. I have found your podcasts most informative and inspiring, I think mainly because you concentrate on “in the field” techniques, more so than the latest and best equipment. Keep up the good work. I do travel to Japan from time to time, as I have a son who resides there. I hope one day I may be able to include one of your photo tours with one of my visits there.


John Taylor (New South Wales, Australia)

I just wanted to take a moment and let you to know how much I, as a fairly newbie photographer, appreciate and enjoy all of your efforts– your podcasts, the blog, the forum, and all of the phenomenal work you put into each of these. I’ve learned a tremendous amount and am working my way through many of your older episodes. Your attention to detail and the easy, uncomplicated way that you present your material is especially helpful. So, in summary: many, many thanks to you and all those who support you in making your efforts outstanding!!


Sheila McIntosh (Atlanta, USA)

I would like to thank you for the inspiration that comes across in your podcast and blogs. I went straight out to purchase a Lensbaby composer after your review in podcast 202, and it is a wonderful lens. The why manual mode? podcast was very fruitful for tips and advice for someone who is still fairly new to SLR photography.


Thank you for all the time and work you put into them.

Garfield Hope (London, United Kingdom)

I would like to thank you for your podcast. As someone who has been photographing for only about two years, your podcast has been very instrumental in my education of the craft.


Paul Vieira (New Hampshire, USA)

I look forward every week to the next episode and have learned much from you. I am continually impressed by the beauty of your work.


Darryl Klein (Illinois, USA)

Well…I’m hooked…I’m a new “listener”…a hobbiest photographer…a new fan… congrats on 200….boy, you make me want to pack my bags and come to Japan!…keep up the good work!


Alex Racanelli (Danbury, Connecticut, USA)

I am a new listener to your podcast. Your guest spot at Photofocus brought me to your great podcast. I love how you have enhanced it for the iPod Touch. It is great to see what you are talking about in the show.


Christopher Weaver (Tokyo, Japan)

Wow, what an awesome job you did with the papers. I have several test boxes here. I cannot tell you how valuable your work is an how informative. I learn MUCH from your podcasts. THANK you.


Russ Bower (Lakewood, Ohio)

I just wanted to say thank you for going to the effort of making your weekly podcast. It is an inspiration to myself, a novice photographer (aged 45), who aspires to reach the heights of semi-professional photographer one day. I love your work, and am drawn to both your style and subject matter. I am currently listening to your MBP-Podcast #09, and try to listen to one each morning, as it helps to lighten my day.


Ian Bristow (Cortes de Baza, Granada, Spain)

I just found your podcast a few days ago and downloaded all episodes. I am now listening to the #02 and couldn’t wait to send you this short message just to say… IT’S GREAT!!!!


Thanks a lot… no.. a ton!!

Cristián Cerón C. (Chile)

I enjoy your site, especially the podcasts (I have gone through them from episode #1). It is a real inspiration and has rekindled my interest in photography.


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Arkley Bascombe (Barbados)

Your most recent podcast was fantastic! (episodes 79 and 80) I listened to the round-table podcasts a few weeks ago and heard you mentioning a lot about shooting at the zoo so I actually ended up going out to the local zoo here in Washington DC.  It was my first experience at a zoo and a lot of my conclusions were cleared up by your podcast; especially about shooting through the odd fences they had to keep the birds in their pens.


I’m looking forward to the next one!  Keep up the great work.

Garrett Foster

Many thanks for your podcast! I am inspired by your work and words. Thanks again!


Lars Bybee (Utah, USA)

I truly enjoy your podcasts, they are informative and enlightening, and I travel vicariously through your podcasts.


Scott Eccleston

I’ve just discovered your podcast about a week ago and I’m absolutely in love (in a muncho kind of way). I’ve downloaded every episode and am trying to listen to them, however with a 3 year old at my always at my feet it isn’t easy 🙂 The podcast is perfect. You seem to just naturally answer all the questions I’m always wanted to ask. Your style is great. I love that you are not condescending or arrogant and understand that not everyone can just run out and buy a $5k lens. The fact that you don’t have a US radio DJ’s voice is a hugh bonus. In teams of photography this is the podcast I’ve being looking for. It’s just a shame that your a PC user, oh well 😉


Love the show, keep up the good work.

Paul Aurisch (Queensland, Australia)

After listening to many different podcasts on the subject of photography, I have found yours to be the most helpful and relevant. I appreciate all of your valuable insight and want to encourage you to continue to share your passion with the rest of us. Thank you for making me a better photographer.


Mike Riordan

Found your podcasts and web site a couple weeks ago. Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate what you’re doing and I enjoy the podcasts very much. I also appreciate that, although you use Canon equipment, you’re not putting on a sales pitch.


Wonderful job.

Nick Fields (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

I really enjoy the MBP Podcasts. I started listening to your show in December, so I’m a new listener. I love your stories as show and discuss photographs you’ve taken on various trips. Keep up the good work!


Mike Izquierdo (Raleigh-Durham metro, North Carolina)

I am re-discovering photography after a 20 year absence, back when I had an AE-1 Program!. Anyway, I have finally caught up with your podcasts after many hours of listening and I must say yours is by far better than any others I have found, also growing up in Derbyshire I identify with the humour, thanks.


Richard Sneath

I’d like to thank you for your dedication and excellence in producing your Podcast series. The shows are extremely well prepared and insightful. Leading us through your shot making process has been a real treat.


Scott Vanzo

I totally agree with what you discussed on episode #63 about printing images. I feel that is the final step. Whenever I print an image, which is not very often unfortunately, it always feel as though the job is completed. This is the step that lets you enjoy the work you’ve done. I am happy when I create a good image, but am happier when I can hold it in my hand. Thank you for all your podcasts and for your great website, your work is much appreciated.


Joseph M Arthur

I’ve been listening to your podcast for about two or three months, catching up on old episodes, and I want to thank you for all the work and time you put in to producing such a high quality production. I have listened to several other photography podcasts and in my opinion yours stands far away above the rest. The only other photography podcast I enjoyed as much was that of the Radiant Vista, but they haven’t published anything in a while.


To me, what makes a podcast worth listening to is its informative content. Without something I can learn from, the rest is not worth it. You have a soothing voice and your production quality is excellent, which makes it all the better, but my main reason for listening is I enjoy hearing your descriptions and learning from your experiences. Although you’ve mentioned [Martin: removed other Podcast name] many times, when I have listened to it I have never found it informative and so I do not subscribe.

I wish you continued good luck, and please, please keep up the great work!

Moshe Sambol

I enjoy listening to your podcast. I just got into photography and I have found your site and podcast very helpful.


Thanks for the podcast and wonderful advice.

Chad Ritchie (North Carolina, USA)

I have recently subscribed to your podcast & I love it. I am an amateur “photographer” trying to learn more about technique than technicality. I believe your podcast provides a very good mix of both. Thanks for the education.


Richard Perks

I just wanted to tell you that i like your podcasts very much! Keep the good work up!


Martin Keclik (Vienna)

I just recently discovered your podcasts, now I ‘ve been catching up with all the episods, still have long way to go – at No 17 right now. I think you are doing a great job, it is awesome that there are people like you who share so much information free of charge. I mean all these podcast are like training material for me. You have a faithful listener here.


Keep up with the great job

Miklos Szorenyi (Santa Clara, California)

Just discovered your pod cast today and it is a very unique approach to pod casting. Very well done. I enjoy being able to view the photos as you talk about them. Great site, keep up the outstanding work.


Chris Wunderlich (Dade City, FL USA)

After listening to your podcast today, I felt ashamed of myself, and I’ll tell you why. At the end of the podcast, you graciously thanked us for listening. That’s when it occurred to me how much I look forward to hearing your podcasts and the untold joy they bring to me. I’ve been a listener since shortly after you began podcasting, and have never taken the time to express my most sincere gratitude. I know it must take a great deal of time, work and money to produce these wonderful podcasts. I hope it is of some consolation to know that of all the podcasts I listen to, all of which are photography related, I enjoy yours the most. About once a month or so, I search-out new photography oriented podcasts, and subscribe to every one I find, but I’ve yet to find one that brings me the satisfaction I find in your podcasts. I think your gentle nature has much to do with how I feel.


Please, don’t consider ending your podcasts as I’m sure I am not the only one who would be devastated. I was going crazy during the three weeks you were gone, though I now understand why. And please don’t change the style of your podcasts, they are perfect just the way they are. Again, thank you so very much for giving me something to look forward to, and fantasize about each week. And should you ever need an assistant!

M J Molnar

I just wanted to compliment you on a great Podcast. I am new to DSLR photography but as many people are … overly enthusiastic and craving knowledge. I am a Nikon DSLR user and have listened to almost every photography podcast iTunes has to offer and I must say I have enjoyed yours the most and I have only listened to the first 2 so far. I have downloaded all and listen to them one after the other as I get time (as you may have figured I have just found your podcast.) Again, I would like to thank you for offering such a great series of podcast and I look forward to listening to the rest of what you have to offer.


Ken Tucker

Around the time I started releasing Enhanced Podcasts as well as the MP3 version


Excellent use of the enhanced podcast features. The best i have seen so far…
And a great show, as usual. Thank you.

Martin van Luijt

Thanks for putting forth the time and effort to create such an informative and entertaining podcast. Your podcasts are very “polished”, showing obvious planning and care. Thanks again for all of your work.


Rob Rock

I want to let you know that I truly appreciate the style, level and content of your podcast. It is distinct from other photography-related podcasts in that your affection for photography and nature photography comes through and there’s a nice balance of technical detail mixed in with compositional information.


Thanks, and keep up the GREAT work.

David R. Greenberg (NY, USA)

Hello Martin, greetings from Venezuela, just wanted to congratulate you for your podcast which I always listen in my car. You cover two of my passions in life wich is Photography and the Japanese culture (although it is not your main topic). Keep up the good work. I hope you can get Nikon as your sponsor so that you can talk about Nikon equipment as well, hahaha.


Claudio Sergiacomo

I recently subscribed to your podcast, and I really enjoy it. The quality of your material and production is very high, especially in comparison to others related to photography. Keep going!


George Reimonn

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your really informative podcasts and your accompanying beautiful photographic artwork. I hope the podcast continues! Thanks a lot for your efforts.


Jared Fein (Canada)

I’ve taken up photography as hobby recently, and I thought I’d start with a Fuji s5200 and the graduate to a full function SLR camera sometime in the future. Anyways I have come to learn a lot from your podcasts, I find them very informative, in fact I would say they are an absolutely essential resource to learn photography.


Tariq Ayad

I heard your interview on the ‘Tips From The Top Floor’ podcast and then subscribed to your own show. I have just finished listening to your ‘Adding an Accent’ podcast and loved it.


There are many reasons. With the wonderful cameras and lenses now available, we have equally wonderful opportunities to make beautiful photographs yet many web sites I have visited seem to be populated with people taking photos of rulers and then obsessing that the 5 is more focused than the 6.

It was so refreshing to hear you speak about actually taking photos; photos that stir our emotions and make us think. After all, that is what the art of photography is all about.

Your podcast that I’ve just listened to was very useful and very relevant, and that has been the case with everything I’ve heard you say so far.

I like the way it is possible to just put in a number to view photos on your web site. That is making use of a database in a constructive way rather than just having a database for the sake of having a database. It’s a very handy facility when listening to your podcasts as I can quickly see the photo you are talking about.

Your comments on workflow were also useful. Some people seem afraid to speak about basic things and only want to talk about the more esoteric aspects of workflow but I found interesting what you had to say about directory structures and backups, etc. This is important stuff that often gets overlooked.

Keep up the great work. I am working my way through the podcasts I have already downloaded and will continue to download future episodes.

Phil Lattimore

i love ya pods.
i was a avid amature photographer a few years ago woth film cameras i used to enjoy a X700 minolta , i am now going to buy a D5 minolta so i can use the lenses that i have and enjoy it all over again as i gave it all away a few years ago cause of the cost but your pods made me get the wet spot again for photography … martin i love ya pics hey they are art.


Brett Dodson

I have only just found out about your site and podcasts but already find them excellent. I can cover both my main interests here, Japan and Photography.


Reg Belcher

I discovered your podcast through iTunes and, as I am now making the switch from film to digital, find the material invaluable, as well as very enjoyable. The podcasts are a gift to photographers everywhere and it is a rare thing that great photographers let others in on the detail of their techniques. Thank you for being so generous with your time and wealth of experience.


David Howarth

Happened to come by while searching for an auto-rikshaw image. I am totally astonished not only by the images, but also the detailed description of the situation and the camera exposure. Rarely we find a photographer giving so much details about a shot!


Levine Lawry

Love your podcast. Heard you on Tips from the Top Floor and decided to give you a listen, and have subscribed and downloaded all your podcasts to date. Great stuff. I’m up to #5 on the new Canon camera and so far I’d say don’t change a thing. Nice length, nice pace, good delivery, excellent speaking voice, great examples for us to look at. It’s great.


Charles Ramirez Berg

I just downloaded and listened to all of your 13 podcasts. They were a wonderful thing to listen to as I processed my raw files from a recent trip to Hawaii. Very informative and entertaining. Keep up the excellent work and I can’t wait for more podcasts.


Tom Nevesely

Just found your great podcast on iTunes. Started listening to show 5, hocked already, subscribed and fully downloaded. Keep up the great work.


Nigel byde

I am a new digital SLR owner and am seeking as much useful tech info on taking pictures with my new beauty. Your podcast is PERFECT. I loved your first one. I hope to hear many more. Keep up the great work.


Clay Johnston (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

Really enjoyed your first podcast, especially being able to “see” an example of a photograph that is being discussed or explained. Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next episode.


Rob Rodriguesz Jr

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