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This is a test page. Its purpose in life is to aid in the testing of the various bits and pieces that make our website tick.

If you find yourself on this page, just walk on by. There is nothing to see here, except perhaps a badly formatted popup, or some other widget that we can’t get to work properly.

This is the third paragraph. It comes after the second and before the fourth. I have to write a load of gumph like this, so that I get more than one line of text, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a paragraph. In fact, I’ll keep writing gumph, so that we can get a three line paragraph. That might be more useful for troubleshooting.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the site though. There’s lots of interesting stuff to look at.

Martin Bailey.

P.S. Here’s a pretty picture to make the page a bit longer.

Steaming Mountains

Steaming Mountains

Photographer’s Friend for iOS

Photographer's Friend iPadPro and iPhoneA Depth of Field calculator and a Neutral Density calculator in one app for just $3.99!

The new Pixel Peeper mode and Diffraction warning color coding take Photographer’s Friend to a whole new level of detail. If you don’t have a timer in your camera or cable release, the ND calculator has one built in, and notifications can be enabled to alert you when your exposure should be ended, even if you’ve closed the app!

There is detailed help and links to relevant information right there in the app. Photographer’s Friend runs on any sized screen iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and works perfectly in the iPad Split Screen mode, making it an invaluable tool for studying or writing about photography on your iPad. It truly is a Photographer’s Friend!

Download Photographer's Friend from Appstore

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