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Street Photography with Valerie Jardin (Podcast 364)

Street Photography with Valerie Jardin (Podcast 364)

This week I’m joined by an incredibly talented street photographer, and fellow TWiP co-host, Valerie Jardin. As I don’t do a lot of street photography myself, we thought it would be good to get a fresh angle on photography to share with you, and this most definitely is that. I had a lot of fun talking with Valerie, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this too.

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In our conversation we touch on…

  • What attracts Valerie to street photography?
  • Should/do you ask permission of people before you photograph them?
  • The anxiety of approaching people
  • Wide vs. longer lenses
  • Candid street photography vs. street portraiture
  • Henri Cartier-Bressen’s “Decisive Moment”

Visit Valerie’s beautiful Web site here: http://www.valeriejardinphotography.com/

Check out Valerie’s International Workshops, or catch up with Valerie on the social media platforms of your choice…

FB Twitter Google+

Here are the eight photographs that Valerie and I discussed…

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-1

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-2

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-3

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-4

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-5

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-6

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-7

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-8

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-9

Valerie Jardin ~ Street Photography-10


Show Notes

Valerie Jardin’s Web site: http://www.valeriejardinphotography.com/

Valerie’s International Workshops

Social Media: FB Twitter LinkedIn Google+

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Comments (7)

  • March 18th, 2013 at 22:23

    great photos! favorite is the dalmation also the boy and pigeons.

  • leila

    March 19th, 2013 at 22:54

    interesting, informative conversations between two of which I am a fan. I will share definitely. Thank you both!!!

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  • May 1st, 2013 at 00:25

    I just discovered your podcast this morning and am so glad I did! I am inspired by Valerie’s interview and am captivated by the images she shared with you. Loved this interview! Thank you!

    • May 1st, 2013 at 16:51

      Thanks for finding the Podcast, and for taking the time to leave a note. I’m happy you enjoyed this episode.


  • Sam Grable

    September 26th, 2013 at 07:29

    Thank you for the interview. I am really enjoying your podcast, especially these long-form interviews.

    I absolutely love the 9th photo with the reflection in the foreground.

    • September 27th, 2013 at 08:59

      Thanks for listening Sam! I’m pleased you are enjoying these podcasts.


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