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We are proud to be trusted by the following companies to promote their products, as I truly believe in the quality of these products and the service provided by the companies we are affiliated with. If I didn’t believe in these products and services, I would not have hooked up with them. You have my word.

By buying from any of the below companies using these links or discount codes, you will be supporting the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast and Web site. In some cases, using these links will get you a modest discount on your purchase. You will never pay more than you would if you had not used these links, so please support us when you can by using these links.


Capture One Pro

I’m proud to be a Phase One Ambassador, as I use Capture One Pro as my main digital workflow and image processing tool. You can get a 10% discount when you buy a perpetual license for Capture One Pro by entering the code AMBP when you checkout on the Phase One web site.

Note that this offer is not available for subscriptions or the Sony version of Capture One Pro.

10% Discount on Capture One Pro


Craft & Vision

I’m proud to be a Craft & Vision author myself, and I cannot recommend their ebooks and digital magazine PHOTOGRAPH highly enough. Mostly for the price of a coffee, you can get more photography information and education packed into these ebooks than you’ll get in any magazine and many books out there, and it’s all advertisement free.PhotoIssue2_Coverspread_NEW


Breathing Color

I use only Breathing Color inkjet media for my fine art printing. In my opinion there simply is nothing that comes even close on the market.

For a discount of $20 on an order of $20 or more, use the code MBP20 when checking out.

Outdoor Photo Gear

When it comes to service and range of goods, Outdoor Photo Gear are hard to beat. I buy most of my Outdoor Gear and much of my photography gear from them, and I have never had a problem with their service yet. I did once buy something that I was disappointed with, but OPG took it back straight away, and gave me a refund without question. These guys really know how to look after you, and they will.

onOne Software

I use onOne Software’s Perfect Suite with Perfect Resize whenever I create gallery wraps or upsize images for large format printing. Perfect Resize used to be Genuine Fractals, and is the industry standard for “ressing-up” images for print. onOne make a whole slew of great plugins, that are available individually or as the Perfect Photo Suite, which includes all of their goodies for a full editing workflow.



Everybody loves Amazon. Even from Japan, I put in an order every so often, and I use almost weekly. Great service and a great selection of products. I even buy some of my computer and photography related things from Amazon now.



I’ve been using Backblaze to protect my photographs, video and pretty much every other digital file I own for many years. I currently have over 6TB of data uploaded to the cloud on Backblaze, and it still only costs me less than $50 per year. The setup is simple and it runs in the background protecting your digital world. The Backblaze catchline says it all—Backup, before you wish you had!



Don’t even get me started on B&H. I have spent more money on B&H over the last ten years than I care to remember. And you know what? It’s been worth every penny. B&H deliver at lightening speed, and have the largest selection of camera gear, not to mention, audio, video among others, than any online store I use. Their prices are always the lowest around in my experience, and they have knowledgeable staff on the end of the phone to help, when you need them. You just can’t go wrong with B&H.

Select one of the categories below to check out my recommended gear pages on B&H Photo.

Wildlife & Landscape

Landscape & Wildlife


Studio Gear

Studio Equipment


Color Management

Color Management


Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing





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