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All of the image on this web site are the property of Martin Bailey of Martin Bailey Photography K.K. a company incorporated in Japan (unless otherwise stated in the caption of the image) and is protected by international copyright law.

These image are provided to be enjoyed on this web site and are not public domain. Copying any image and using in any way, either for personal use, editorial or commercial use is strictly prohibited.

If you want to use or reproduce any image or images for personal, non-commercial use, please contact us and ask for permission beforehand.

If you want to use any image that you find on this site for business related, editorial or commercial use, please look for the image in our Portfolios or on our OFFSET stock image collection. If you cannot find the image you want to use on OFFSET, please contact us and include a link to the image in your message. If you can’t include a link for any reason, include a description of the image or its title/caption when available, and we’ll get back to you to confirm the actual image.

Any unauthorized use of Martin Bailey’s images without prior permission will result in us pursuing payment from you according to our standard commercial rates and may also file a law suit to claim damages. Taking the image down after we contact you is not acceptable. If you fail to pay for the unauthorized use the issue may be pursued in a court of law at the discretion of Martin Bailey Photography K.K. or its representatives.

Thanks in advance for being a good Web citizen.

Martin Bailey

Martin Bailey Photography K.K.

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