Roundtable #1 (Podcast 102)

Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Roundtable #1 (Podcast 102)

So welcome to Episode 102 of the Martin Bailey Photography Podcast, and today we have a special treat for you. I’m joined by three prominent members of the MBP community, and of course amazing photographers, Landon Michaelson… Forrest Tanaka… and Even Solberg.

Welcome guys and thanks so much for making the time to talk today. Especially Forrest and Landon, as I believe it is 7AM for you guys right now.

We’re going to do this pretty similar to the Focus Ring Podcast that the PhotoCast Network put out and I sometimes join. We’ve just released Episode 8 of the Focus Ring Podcast actually, so if you don’t already follow that Podcast, please take a look at or search in iTunes and give it a listen.

So today Landon is going to talk about shooting Infra-Red images with a DSLR, Forrest is going to talk about his digital workflow using a Mac, Even is going to talk about “When do you NOT take the shot?” and I’m going to answer a question I received recently from a listener on when to use Manual Focus. So let’s get right into it.

And that’s about it for today. So with that, all that remains to be said is thanks for listening, and you have a great week, whatever you’re doing — Bye-bye.

Show Notes
Music from Music Alley:

Here’s the Redwings Horse Sanctuary Web site that Forrest mentions:

And here is Even’s own amazing Web site:

Here’s the Redwings Horse Sanctuary Web site that Forrest mentions:

And here is Even’s own amazing Web site:


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Michael Rammell

Posted on behalf of Martin by Michael Rammell, a Wedding Photographer based in Berkshire, England. Michael also has a long-standing passion for Nature & Landscape photography. To catch up with Michael, visit his Web site, and follow him on the following social networking services.

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