My New Craft & Vision eBook Sharp Shooter Released!

Sharp Shooter Released

My New Craft & Vision eBook Sharp Shooter Released!

I’m totally thrilled to announce that my latest eBook from Craft & Vision – Sharp Shooter – Proven Techniques for Sharper Photographs – has just been released! Although I’ve been writing a regular column for the C&V Quarterly Magazine PHOTOGRAPH in the meantime, Sharp Shooter comes 18 months after my first best selling eBook Making the Print, so I’m really excited to now have two of my own books in the Craft & Vision library.

Sharp Shooter Released

Here’s what the kind folks at Craft & Vision are saying about it…

Martin Bailey’s newest eBook Sharp Shooter: Proven Techniques for Sharper Photographs is an exciting resource for photographers looking to discover new techniques and tools for making stunning images!

This 36-page PDF is a great addition to your digital library. Martin, in his usual clear and concise fashion, covers the gamut on the subject—from hand-holding techniques, stabilization, and what makes an image sharp in the first place, to macro-sharpness, depth of field, focus stacking, sharpening for final output, and more.

And here’s what my friend David duChemin, the creator of Craft & Vision just said about me and Sharp Shooter.

When I went to Japan this year to meet Martin Bailey for the first time I was impressed by two things beyond the fact that he’s just a ton of fun to be around. First, the man’s an excellent teacher. Second, he knows his craft. He knows stuff I’ve never heard of. And it shows. I know I lean to the artsy side of things, so I need people like Martin around to keep me on my toes and keep my craft honed. Sharpness is one of those aspects of the craft Martin taught me new things about. I’ve said before that if the best thing someone can say about my work is that it’s tack sharp, then I’ve probably failed. But at the same time, if it’s dismissed because a flaw in my technique or understanding, my art doesn’t have a chance to be heard.

Martin wrote Sharp Shooter, Proven Techniques for Sharper Photographs because I asked him to. I learned so much from him in Hokkaido about this stuff that I knew we needed to publish it, and he’s created another excellent book. Martin, in his usual clear and concise fashion, covers the gamut on this from hand-holding techniques, stabilization, what makes an image sharp in the first place, to macro-sharpness, focus stacking, techniques to make your images sharper for final output, and more. I swear to Ansel Adams, you’ll be hard pressed to find a guy who makes sharper photographs, and he can teach you to do it too.

Buy Now and Save!

If you use the promotional code SHARP4 when you check out, you’ll only pay $4 or use the code SHARP20 to get 20% off when you buy 5+ products from the Craft & Vision Library. These codes expire at 11:59 PM (PST) July 4, 2013.

While you’re there, also check out Craft & Vision’s quarterly digital magazine PHOTOGRAPH in which I have a regular column, the Art of the Print. And if you are interested in really taking your printing to the next level, my first Craft & Vision eBook Making the Print has proved to be invaluable for thousands of photographers around the world.

I hope you enjoy Sharp Shooter as much as I enjoyed writing it, and the techniques are as useful to you as they are to me.

-Martin Bailey

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