A Beautiful Anarchy with David duChemin (Podcast 424)

A Beautiful Anarchy by David duChemin

A Beautiful Anarchy with David duChemin (Podcast 424)

Every so often, someone writes a book that changes everything. A book so profound that everyone with a desire to live not only a creative life, but a richer, fuller life, will read. Well, my friend David duChemin has just done that, again. His earlier best-selling books changed things to a degree. David has given photographers and artists a vocabulary that I feel was missing in modern photography.

Now he’s given us permission and the courage to live the creative life that many long to live, and I even believe he gives us a means to identify what that life might be to you. Join me today for a conversion with David duChemin that is almost as inspiring as his new book, A Beautiful Anarchy – When The Life Creative Becomes The Life Created.

I read preview copy of A Beautiful Anarchy last week, and I knew in the first few pages that David has done it again. Photography and Creativity literature has just been changed, once again, in a profound and beautiful way.

Listen to the conversation with the audio player above, in iTunes or your iPhone etc. and when you’re ready, click the links below to pick up your copy. You can get either the paperback with a PDF file for just $30, or go just for the PDF file at only $10.

A Beautiful Anarchy - Paperback + PDF

A Beautiful Anarchy – Paperback + PDF

A Beautiful Anarchy - PDF

A Beautiful Anarchy – PDF

A Beautiful Anarchy is also available as a Kindle book.

Tour & Workshops Update

Before we finish, I’d like to just let you know that we have set the dates for the next In-Studio Pixels 2 Pigment Workshop for Aug 23-24, 2014. If you would like to learn an optimized digital workflow and color management from Pixels to Pigment in a small group of no more than four, and take away your own 20 x 30″ canvas gallery wrap, take a look at our Pixels 2 Pigment page.


We also now have just one place left open on our 2014 Iceland Tour and Workshop, so if you were thinking of joining us, please see our Iceland Tour page for details and to make your reservation.

MBP Iceland 2014 Tour

MBP Iceland 2014 Tour

Show Notes

The A Beautiful Anarchy Web site: http://abeautifulanarchy.com/

Buy A Beautiful Anarchy in PDF form: http://mbp.ac/abapdf

Buy the Paperback + PDF: http://mbp.ac/abapb

Pixels 2 Pigment in Studio: http://mbp.ac/p2p

Iceland 2014: http://mbp.ac/iceland2014

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