Craft & Vision PHOTOGRAPH No.10 Now Available!

Craft & Vision PHOTOGRAPH No.10 Now Available!

The Craft & Vision Magazine PHOTOGRAPH No.10 has just been released!

Pairing darkness and beauty to create light, Issue 10 of PHOTOGRAPH magazine is filled with images and articles that represent the link between obscurity and transparency; just the right light can create new ways of seeing.

Portfolios and interviews feature the work of cover girl Brooke Shaden, whose self-portraits exude a brooding melancholy in a light and whimsical way; the incredible Susan Burnstine, who modifies all of her cameras to best tell the stories of her dreams and nightmares; the portraits of Clive Charlton, who discusses how his art is influenced by his admiration of the Dutch masters for their use of Chiaroscuro; and Jim Kasson’s Staccato series, borne of the idea to make a short set of exposures at night and reassemble them in Photoshop, resulting in a painterly effect of complex lighting patterns, a sense of place, and compelling gestures.

Regular contributors John Paul Caponigro, Michael Frye, Guy Tal, Chris Orwig, Piet Van den Eynde, Adam Blasberg, David duChemin and yours truly, Martin Bailey, open up about patience, flow, creativity, finding rhythm, the beauty of natural light in both landscapes and portraits, the meaning of success, and the magic of the lens.

Craft & Vision’s philosophy is that this craft isn’t just a technical pursuit, but an artistic one as well; our hope is that PHOTOGRAPH magazine embodies this theory. Our goal is to showcase beautiful portfolios and provide the best value in photographic education in this 245-page, ad-free publication.

If you pick up your copy in the first week, it will be on sale for just $6.40, and after that, still only $8, which is a steal for this amount of photography and creative goodness.

If you aren’t already rushing over to get your copy, below are a number of sample pages to look at…

PQ10-MASTER_TOC-stroke_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_42_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_51_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_01_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_58_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_96_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_97_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_21_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_55_1024x1024PQ10_Spreads_25_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_73_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_70_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_88_1024x1024

PQ10_Spreads_82_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_34_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_108_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_109_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_115_1024x1024 PQ10_Spreads_120_1024x1024

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